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Say Goodbye to Viruses by Scheduling Disinfecting Services

We can help prevent viral infections from spreading through your Arvada, CO area workspace

Are you looking for a way to decrease the amount of sick leave you have to approve and increase your company's production? If so, reach out to a professional at Premier Disinfectant Solutions LLC in Arvada, CO. As part of our disinfecting services, we use a high-performance application process and cutting-edge antiviral and antimicrobial coatings to sanitize all surfaces.

We'll implement a customized program to ensure that your facility is safe at all times from harmful contaminants.

We're your source for efficient disinfecting services

Most disinfectants work on contact but are ineffective after drying. Our antimicrobial and anti viral coating will provide lasting and continued protection.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities
Municipalities and Recreation Centers

Any commercial facility could benefit from our disinfecting services. To learn more about how we can help you maintain a sanitary work environment, call 720-556-0104 now to speak with one of our professionals.

Why trust us to handle your disinfecting needs?

You have options when it comes to hiring a local disinfecting company in the Arvada, CO area, so why hire us? For starters, you can count on us to:

  • Utilize an electrostatic fogging system to disinfect your property thoroughly
  • Use effective disinfecting products, like BioActivate FB, that are safe for people
  • Provide free estimates and consultations for our antimicrobial coating services

Trust our team to always be honest and work hard to disinfect your property. Schedule high-quality disinfecting services by contacting us today.